What if I have bad credit?
Cincinnati Habitat wants to sell homes to low-income families in need who have demonstrated that they are able to handle their finances responsibly. If you have had problems with finances in the past, you may still qualify for a home as long as you are currently making timely payments on all debts and do not have an excessive amount of debt. If you are concerned about your debt, we recommend that you contact the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Cincinnati at (513) 366-4500.

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Successful Children
Children of homeowners are 25% more likely to graduate from high school and 116% more likely to graduate from college

Stronger Families
Homeowners are 16% more likely to belong to parent-teacher organizations and 10% more likely to attend church

Stronger Communities
Homeowners are 28% more likely to repair or improve their homes.

Community Wealth
1% increase in home-ownership rates increases the value of surrounding homes by $800

Homeownership changes lives, strengthens families, and builds stronger communities.